We provide high tech solutions to government agencies

Our technical capabilities and previous experience in using and identifying high grade military technologies have left us in a perfect place to assist our government and agency clients with procuring high tech solutions that fit their needs.

We are given issues and asked to provide solutions that will aid the agency or government, this may be for Tactical Response, Intelligence Gathering or other such reasons.  Many of our procurement placements require End User Certification or Export licences.  We are able to navigate this for our clients and ensure the smooth purchase of military grade solutions.

The size and complexity of many of our projects means that we need to work closely with our suppliers to ensure delivery of the product to our clients.  Our close relationships with our network of high tech equipment suppliers allows us to safeguard the often clandestine nature of equipment purchase.  The needs of government agencies are diverse, with an increasing need to gather intelligence whilst protecting the governments police, force or intelligence operatives.  Our solutions always have this in mind.  From long range laser listening solutions to integrity tests for security vetting.

Our network of high quality manufacturers work for you to aid in your procurement of military technologies.

Our High Tech knowledge of the Electro Magnetic Spectrum and experience allows us to recommend proven solutions that have been used in the field

Talk to us about how we can aid in your search for the latest military grade technological solutions