“The backbone of our Cyber TSCM bug sweeps comes from years of experience in
all manner of environments across the globe.”

For the team here at Cognition Intelligence, our Cyber Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Cyber TSCM) form part of the backbone of our technical security protection services.  Targeted corporate espionage services are for sale right now on the dark net.  Choose your attacker, agree your fee and you can even pay your bitcoin into escrow, criminal gangs then target the subject to gather data! It really is like a criminal ebay.

What is Cyber TSCM?

A Cyber TSCM bug sweep audit includes the whole IT infrastructure, phones, laptops and desktop vulnerability assessment as well as a complete TSCM audit.

There are 101 different companies out there that offer TSCM or counter espionage services, many of whom are private investigators with equipment bought on Ebay and enough bluster to convince you of their knowledge. We have many good friends who are Private Investigators. They are competent, honest and professional people. We work with for many of them. If we need an investigation conducted – we call them. If they need Cyber TSCM work – they call us. We also sub-contract as a Technical Support Team for several of the finest investigative and security services in the country.

Always ensure your TSCM sweep is carried out by experienced, qualified professionals, avoid the private investigator with equipment brought from gadget shops or on eBay. Always use a professional or call us for some impartial advice.
When you’re shopping for TSCM services and you look on line or at a yellow page ad or a business card, Tom, the plumber, and Cognition Intelligence look pretty much the same.  The difference becomes very apparent, however, when you compare credentials. You should demand to see copies of the following items – at a minimum:


  • Certificate of Incorporation – showing a legitimate business registered at companies house

  • Insurance Certificates – Especially for Professional Indemnity. A minimum of one million GBP. (Our coverage is for three million but has increased when the task has required it.)

  • Training – evidence of training, the more the merrier

  • Professional Association memberships – they should all be related to Information Security, Communications, Intelligence, Etc.

  • Photographs of the major pieces of equipment; Real Photos of his equipment, not a manufacture’s