Our expertise has grown over the years due to the many experiences that our team have had. We have experience in a whole raft of cases, some you will know from the headlines generated by them and some we work tirelessly on in the background to ensure they stay out of the spotlight. Digital investigations we have worked on are endless. Some we can share with our clients under the protection of an NDA.

An investigation into a digital crime or a perceived digital threat to a business can often be a daunting prospect, it is hard to know who to trust and what to do. We work with leading city law firms and on behalf of their clients attempt to shed some light onto digital crime, be it online fraud or internal corruption.

  • We have evidenced insider fraud

  • We have found the elusive Nigerian money thievies

  • We have caught sexual predators

  • We have worked under cover in business’s

  • We have identified and prevented grooming

  • We have aided in bringing down corruption on a global scale in a global organisation

  • We have found those guilty of industrial espionage

  • We have given evidence in closed courts

We take your data privacy and integrity very seriously, talk to us today.