Threat Intelligence is becoming a top priority for organisations as boardrooms aim to take control of their cyber risk. To anticipate and respond to today’s cyber attacks, organisations need to understand attacker motivations, intentions and characteristics. With this, they can then mitigate cyber risk more effectively, improve incident response efforts and strengthen overall security by understanding who is most likely to attack, what they want and how they plan to get it.

Cyber Threat Detection Services

Managed Cyber Intelligence

Identifying threat intelligence is not easy. Organisations can’t simply buy threat intelligence, only threat information.

Threat Intelligence is what threat information becomes once it has been collected, evaluated and analysed by an appropriate platform and security expert.

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Overwatch™ IDS

Continual cyber security. Full data visibility. Everything secure.

Overwatch constantly monitors your systems and data from threats across the world. The team within our Cyber Security Intelligence Centre are able to react immediately and remove the threat for you.

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TSCM Prevention

TSCM involves conducting a meticulous physical inspection using electronic surveillance for all covert cameras, telephone transmitters and room bugs. All devices that pose a possible security breach in client operations and compromise sensitive assets are identified and subsequently eliminated.

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Wireless Surveys

When designing wireless networks you need to build your security measures in overlapping rings, like the concentric defence of a medieval castle. Should one security measure be proven weak or flawed, several other layers of your defensive strategy should still offer protection to your network.

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