Identify Cyber Risks

We aid organisations to identify cyber risks by developing an understanding of their environment.  Helping to manage cyber security risk to systems, assets, data and capabilities. It is essential to have full visibility into your digital and physical assets and their interconnections, defined roles and responsibilities, understand your current risks and exposure and put policies and procedures into place to manage those risks.

Congnition Intelligence has the experience and full range of services you need to identify cyber security risks. From a full cyber counter-eavesdropping bug sweep to simulating high-impact security breaches, our solutions enable clients to identify cybersecurity problems across their entire business or estate.  When you are looking for a partner to help mitigate your cyber risk, talk to us.

Cyber Risk Identification Services

Cyber TSCM Equipment

Cyber TSCM

A Cyber TSCM bug audit includes the IT infrastructure, phones, laptops and desktop vulnerability assessment as well as a complete TSCM audit. We have built up experience with Cyber TSCM bug sweeps over many years in all manner of environments across the globe.

We use government grade equipment and our devices and process covers cellular decetion, RF monitoring and hidden mic detection amongst many other services.

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cyber security consultancy

Cyber Security Consultancy

No matter your need, we are here to assist as your partner in the realm of Cyber Security. We are responsive and approachable and work with you as far and as much as you need.

For us, it all starts at the beginning – If we provide the correct levels of protection from inside out (and it is all in those many little details), then we can build a strong and capable defence from intrusion and exploitation.

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Managed Vulnerability Analysis

Cognition Intelligence’s Managed Vulnerability Assessment (MVA) secures networks, hosts and desktop PCs through automated scans that produce concise management reports, enabling better identification and elimination of vulnerabilities.

Our customers can protect their network resources, while at the same time radically decreasing the costs to assess, identify, fix and verify elimination of vulnerabilities.

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phishing insights

Phishing Insight

Would a scam fool your team? We can support you in teaching them the dangers of Phishing. Social engineering schemes can lead to leaks of sensitive information and potentially enormous financial losses.

We have a simple 4 step process to start phishing against your organisation and then you can see for yourself how everyone responds.

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cyber security penetration testing

Penetration Testing

A penetration test assesses the effectiveness of security controls by simulating a real-world attack that mimics current adversary techniques.

Why is this useful? Routine Penetration Testing is great for highlighting any unknown cyber security flaws or entry points of weaknesses that could result in a potential compromise.

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cyber essentials implementation

Cyber Essentials

Our mission is to secure organisations worldwide against global cyber security threats and assist in achieving recognised cyber security standards.

The Cyber Essentials scheme ensures basic cyber security measures are in place, preventing approximately 80% of cyber attacks. The scheme is centred around 5 controls and ensures that most vulnerabilities are secured.

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