We unfortunately live in an age where state-sponsored reverse engineers, security research teams, and online protagonists are actively hunting for flaws and backdoors in the widely deployed products of major security suppliers. You can think of any brand and there will be someone working to break it. Cisco, Checkpoint, Watchguard, basically any vendors! Why? As a means of gaining privileged and secret access to their target’s networks, it is beyond prudent to revisit the core tenets of secure network architecture.

We take Firewall Architecture back to basics, ensuring that if an issue develops and a compromise is made to your network that it has minimal impact and the threat can be mitigated.

We work on the principle that all of our clients are compromised and that we have the job of maintaining security and mitigating the threat of data loss or business downtime.

We can install any security vendors product suite however we will always choose the cyber security industry’s leading threat protection platforms.

Cybercriminals continue to launch automated and sophisticated attacks against organisations, threatening the foundation of cloud and digital transformation critical to efficient business operations.

Our award-winning next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) provide high performance, multilayered validated security and granular visibility for end-to-end protection across the entire enterprise network.

Purpose-built security processors (SPUs)

Our purpose-built security processors (SPUs) deliver scalable performance and ultra-low latency for advanced security capabilities. Security services from the Labs teams provide continuous threat intelligence updates and automated mitigation to keep organisations protected from advanced cyberattacks.

  • Multilayered security approach for comprehensive protection against advanced threats and prevention of any single point introducing vulnerability in the network

  • Innovative security processor (SPU) technology for high performance application layer security services (NGFW, SSL inspection, and threat protection
  • Industry’s fastest SSL inspection engine to help protect against malware hiding in encrypted traffic
  • Industry’s highest threat protection, IPsec VPN, and SSL-inspection performance