Quite simply every company that relies on IT to run their business is vulnerable to disaster. It requires planning to recover from disaster effectively and rapidly; the plan must be regularly tested and rehearsed.

Planning isn’t just about defining strategies for recovering from a disaster, but also advising on ways of preventing disasters, and identifying means of detecting them as soon as possible.

We can aid you in the recovery planning stage and in working out a Business Impact Analysis. Once we have located and identified all of the data points then we can work intelligently towards recovery.

Disaster Recovery Services

Recovery Planning

Quite simply every company that relies on IT to run their business is vulnerable to disaster.

Traditional network and endpoint defences are outmatched and don’t stand a chance at preventing, investigating, or remediating today’s targeted attacks. You need an advanced security solution, but you are struggling to convince your company’s executive team and Board to make the investment into something that does not bring money in, let’s face it security is a cost. Now if the unthinkable does happen, what would happen?

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fire wall architects

Improvement Analysis

The ship has hit an iceberg, what do we do?

The multi skilled team here at Cognition Intelligence will prepare you for all eventualities to ensure you are not stranded at sea. An improvement analysis will allow us to collaborate together to plan the what ifs and detect and mitigate any threats that may face your organisation.

When you are under pressure and you need to give answers its much easier to do so with the support of your expert partners and a plan of action that’s ready to go.

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Secure Communication

Our clients privacy is tantamount to the success of our operation and we take it very seriously. We are very fortunate to work with some of the most prestigious clients in the world and often have to support them in their day to day lives. Press intrusion and competitor threats all need to be mitigated, we can aid you in doing this to a high level and with a proven track record of success.

If you have a genuine concern about communications security then talk to us, we will be only too glad to assist you in mitigating the threat

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