Full data visibility. Everything secure.

Cyber Overwatch constantly monitors your systems and data from threats across the world. The team within our Cyber Security Intelligence Centre are able to react immediately and remove the threat for you.

Our SOC is manned 24/7 by data intelligence specialists who are able to rapidly respond to protect and safeguard your most valuable assets.

We manage the cyber posture of your business. Whether it be Amazons AWS or Microsoft 365 and a plethora of bespoke systems we secure them all.

A single agency to monitor and manage what comes in and out of your network EVEN when working from home, alerting you of threats or breaches of your data immediately. Fully protected within a few hours of install. Full visibility by real people as it happens.

Keeping your premises safe and secure with real people monitoring your data network as the data ­flows. – in our Cyber Security Intelligence Centre, we monitor your premises as it happens, doing what we do best with real people trained to respond to any threat to you or your premises.

We take your security seriously!

Every member of our team undergoes a full background check as well as a 6 monthly polygraph integrity test.

We instantly identify zero-day vulnerabilities & compromised assets.